About Texans for Peace

Texans for Peace is place for people like you: folks who are interested in peace and justice. The organization was founded in 1993 for "Texans who believe in peace and Peace in Texas!" and since that time has focused on the following four main areas:

1. To serve as a central source for information about peace and justice organizations and events across Texas.

2. To provide curriculum and teacher training materials for school nonviolence throughout the state

3. To represent Texas throughout the U.S. and the world as "peace ambassadors"

4. To develop resources and capacity to grow peace and justice organizations in Texas.

Today Texans for Peace has hundreds of members who keep informed about the issues and work towards meaningful solutions to violence and injustice. Membership is open to all Texas - whether they live in Texas or are Texans "at heart". Afterall, doesn't every Texan want peace?

2011 Programs and Committees

We have a great set of programs and committee scheduled for 2011, but need your involvement. To learn more, go HERE

Our Organization

Texans for Peace membership is open to any person who has an interest in peacemaking and nonviolence, regardless of whether that person lives in Texas or is a "Texan at heart" anywhere in the world.. All of the programs and issues of Texans for Peace are the work of volunteers and those same volunteers are the ones who contribute the finances of the organization.

iTexans for peace is non-sectarian, non-partisan organization open to any person who would like to contribute to peace and justice issues.

Texans for Peace is served by a board of directors representing a variety of peace organizations. Each board member is selected for his/her commitment to peace and justice related issues and provides advice for Texans for Peace.

The organization is incorporated in Texas as a non-profit organization with headquarters in Austin, Texas shared with the Austin Center for Peace and Justice.



Texans for Peace
11900 Metric Blvd., Ste. J-163
Austin, TX 78758

Media Contact:

Alyssa Burgin aburgin4peace@gmail.com

About the founder

Texans for Peace was originally founded by Charlie Jackson, a technology entrepreneur, who saw a need for sharing peace and justice activities throughout Texas so that it could have a real impact within the state and around the world while countering negative stereotypes of Texas and promoting the state motto of "friendship". His travels around the world have taken him into war zones and other conflict areas.

More About Texas

In mythical stories, Texans are said to be proud of living in a place where things are accomplished through fighting and conquest. However, this is legend only and Texans today are not deluded that bullets and atomic bombs can settle complexities that demand intelligence and concern for our neighbors.

Our folklore gives the origin of our state name as from the Caddo Indian word Tejas meaning "friends" (see Texas Almanac). Friendship is the official motto of the State of Texas and by our friendliness you'll know real Texans anywhere…in Washington or Iraq.

Since we're friendly we have a hard time understanding people who appear to be mean-spirited, unjust, and hell-bent on war. Equally difficult is finding out that sometimes people aren't as friendly to their neighbors as they should be.

It's not easy to be friends with others while terrorizing them - whether they're in our immediate family or anywhere in the world. We call upon all Texans to "be friendly" and practice justice and compassion wherever they are!

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