Armadillos sleep in the middle of the road with all four feet in the air.

There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 live in Texas.

There are 10,000 types of spiders. All 10,000 live Texas, plus a few no one has ever seen before.

Onced and twiced are words.


Coldbeer is one word.

People actually grow and eat okra.

When you live in the country you don't have to buy a dog. City people will drop them off at your front gate in the middle of the night.

The sound of coyotes howling at night only sounds good for the first few weeks.

When a buzzard sits on the fence and stares at you, it's time to see the doctor. Fix-in-to is one word.

A TANK is a dirt hole that holds water for irrigation, watering the cows, or swimming .


There ain't no such thing as "lunch." There is only dinner and then there's supper.

"Sweetened ice tea" is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when you are age two.


Backwards and forwards means I know everything about you.

"Jeet?" is actually a phrase meaning, "did you eat?"

You don't have to wear a watch because it doesn't matter what time it work until you're done or it's too dark to see.



2006 Program Goals (take action!)

During 2006, Texans for Peace plans to:

  • Build capacity and connections to other allied organizations throughout the state and world
  • Conduct a Statewide "End the War in Iraq" campaign and gather petition signatures to present to the Texas Congressional delegation demanding an end to the war (Spring) - Temporary office set up in Austin, 5,000 bumperstickers, 1,000 petitions, 200 t-shirts ordered
  • Continue the 2nd Annual "Teaching Peace in Texas" Conference for educators throughout the state to learn new strategies and find new ways to build more peaceful and violence-free Texas schools. (Fall) 2006 Committee to be formed
  • Distribute quarterly mailings to key Texans for Peace donors and supporters
  • Expand e-mail and web content and coverage of Texas peace and social justice issues
  • Fund Texans for Peace on a sustainable basis - Peace" coffee shop being explored (experienced business leaders and/or investors needed). Fundraising committee to be formed
  • Organize educational road shows on peace and justice issues throughout the state - Texan on the Tigris: Meetup - Feb 4 (San Antonio). Texans for Peace: Paz en el valle - March 31-April 2 (Brownsville)
  • Represent Texas at peace events: Shine the Light: A Call to Witness in a Time of War - Jan 19-22 (Washington, DC) Empire, Resistance, and the War in Iraq: A Conference for Historians - Feb 17-19 (Austin) 3 Years Too Many: End the War - March 18 (Austin)

    2006 Committees (get involved!)

    Here are some ways that you can become more involved in Texans for Peace leadership. Chair or join a committee for 2006:

  • Issues and Involvement - (volunteer needed), Chair
    Responsible to bring attention to issues of peace and justice and involvement of T4P
  • Finance and Fundraising - (volunteer needed), Chair
    Responsible for developing funding activities and events
  • Media and Publicity - Alyssa Burgin, Chair
    Responsible for press activities, news releases, and articles
  • Networking Across Texas - (volunteer needed), Chair
    Responsible to build networks between organizations, including electronic networks
  • "Teaching Peace in Texas" Conference - (Volunteer needed), Chair Responsible to organize and run the Conference

  • Financial Statements (unaudited)

    2005 TOT Income: $5,804.48

    Groups   200.00
    T-Shirt / Books   617.00
    Teaching Peace Conf.   2074.70
    2005 TOT Expenses $12,378.97
    Office Sup. / Printing   448.52
    Postage   73.18
    Internet and e-mails   709.18
    NNOMY Conf   125.00
    Iraq Trip   3,528.86
    Teaching Peace Conf.   5,219.93
    Local Events   300.00
    Misc.   984.98
    2005 Surplus (Deficit) 6,574.49

    2004 TOT Income: $3,575.00

    Individuals 2,405.00
    Groups 200.00
    El Paso Peace Jam 970.00
    T-Shirt / Books 00.00

    TOT Expenses $3,480.10

    Office Sup. / Printing 497.40
    Postage 415.50
    T-Shirts / Books 456.25
    Internet and e-mails 800.00
    Nat. Conf. (Indiana) 265.00
    Peace Jam El Paso 970.00
    Misc. 75.95

    Surplus(Deficit) $94.90









    2005 Highlights

    Published 22 editions of the Texans for Peace website
    Presented and attended events, workshops, and rallies in Amarillo, Austin, Boerne, Burnett, Corpus Christi, Crawford, New Braunfels, in addition to speaking in Sydney while working abroad.
    Published op-eds and articles in the Austin Chronicle, Baytown Sun, Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express News, and the Green Left Weekly (Sydney)
    Organized the 1st Annual "Teaching Peace in Texas" Conference (Dallas); Attended the Veterans for Peace conference (Dallas); Attended the National Non-military Options for Youth planning meeting (Los Angeles)
    Made a 3rd peace trip to Iraq with Christian Peacemaker Teams (September)
    Helped get volunteers around the state to Camp Casey in Crawford
    Increased the e-mail distribution list to 20,000