Special Report - IRAQ Before, During & After

Texans for Peace has been involved in Iraq since before the current war. As part of our Peace Ambassadors project, Charlie Jackson visited Iraq in January of 2003 and again in November-December of that same year.

We have remained at the forefront of this issue because of its affects on the lives of Texans - thousands of Texas families have sent their loved ones abroad to fight the war - and because of our close connection to the issues there.

The following section helps bring to light the human costs of the war, the positions of those of us opposed to the invasion, and solutions and actions that can be taken. From active participation in the Women's Business Center of Baghdad (WBCB) and the Iraqi reconstruction efforts to supporting Texas military families opposed to war, Texans for Peace will continue to fight for just solutions abroad as well as at home.

Iraqi life by T4P

coming soon - look for postcards in the mail and links to Texans for Peace Iraqi stories

Iraqi girl rescued by Texas peacemaker

Alan Pogue has returned to Texas with Asra'a Abdul Amir, a young Iraqi girl who lost her arm when US bombs landed near her school. Asra'a and her father are in Houston where she is having surgery to remove shrapnel and will receive a prosthesis at the Shriner's Hospital.


Texans assist national End The War efforts

Texans continue to take leadership positions in national efforts to end the war in Iraq. From Ellen Barfield with Veterans for Peace to Charlie Jackson with Texans for Peace, end the war efforts grow.

Veterans, others, help Texas soldiers leave military

Veterans for Peace chapters in Texas, along with members of the legal community, Non-military Options for Youth, and Texans for Peace, are working together to assist soldiers who have made the decision to quit the military (more news soon on this issue)


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