Education is a great thing, and something everyone should strive for.

One the the main reasons that military recruiters say you should join is to take advantage of their (taxpayer-paid) college options. Consider the following:

Student loans through Sallie Mae

Colleges and College Scholarships

Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid - US Dept. of Education

FindAid, the Smart Guide to Financial Aid - Online College Applications and Free Financial Aid

Corporate Tuition Assistance Plans Fund Lifelong Learning

Would you rather be

here (in Fallujah)?



or here (in college)?


P.S. if a military career is such a great way to college and success, then how come so many of the today's rich - including politicians and business people - never joined the military? See: Forbes, the World's Richest People

Take a look around you at those who you know who had a career in the military...are they rich and successful?


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