Train and cattle crossings - The Dallas and Forthworth metroplex - with more people than the entire state of Oklahoma - is one of the fastest growing urban centers in the U.S. Once famous for cotton, cattle, and oil, the area now includes Fortune 500 corporations, major defense companies, and hi-tech manufacturers. With 5.2 million people, the Metroplex is the largest metropolitan area in Texas..

Dallas was founded in 1841 and was named after George M. Dallas, who was the United States Vice President at the time and supported Texas' annexation. the origin of the city's name is debatable. Dallas was so called by its residents at least as early as 1843.

In 1855, a group of European artists and musicians set up a utopian community west of Dallas called La Reunion. When that venture collapsed in 1857, many of the artists moved to Dallas where they established the base of the artist culture that exists today in the Deep Ellum neighborhood.Today, Dallas boasts a lot of theater with much room for experimentation and a live music breeding ground for artists digging in to hone their craft before heading off to larger fame. The integrated-circuit computer chip was invented in Dallas in 1958 and Dallas became known as Texas' "Silicon Prairie."

"I think Texans have more fun than the rest of the world." -Tommy Tune

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