PROJECTS - Nonviolence Curriculum

Students cannot learn and teachers cannot teach effectively if they do not feal safe. According to the Texas Education Agencey (TEA) and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission (TJPC), tens of thousands of Texas students are referred each year for school violence.

A primary goal of Texans for Peace is to work with educators throughout the state to develop a voluntary nonviolence curriculum for Texas schools. Teachers and administrators are often frustrated with the lack of appropriate materials, lesson plans, and activities that can be incorporated within their curricula so that students can learn age-appropriate nonviolent techniques and understanding.

In 1995 the Texas Legislature, concerned about safety in school, adopted a new state policy requiring that each school create alternative education programs. While the focus of these programs has been on student disciplinary options there remains a need for comprehensive curricular approaches to the issue of violence.

Each year, Texans for Peace sponsors "Teaching Peace in Texas" a one-day conference for K-12 educators and administrations that focuses on curricular tools and strategies to teach nonviolence and peace in school. The 2007 conference is being planned for late September in Houston.

Some Texans for Peace Resources:

  • Bridges for Peace Lesson Plan (Iraq) - Grade Level: 5-6, Subject Area: Multidisplinary (Social Studies, Geography, Math, Language Arts, Art)
  • Peace Jam apprenticeship program
  • Aschliman, Kathryn. (1993). Growing Toward Peace: Stories from teachers and parents about real children learning to live peacefully.
  • Edelman, Marian Wright (1996). Waging Peace in Our Schools.
  • Kreidler, William J. (1984). Creative Conflict Resolution: More than 200 activities for keeping peace in the classroom K-6.
  • Begun, Ruth Weltman, Ed. (1996). Ready-to-Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities for Grades 4-6.
  • Beane, Allan L. (1999). Bully Free Classroom: Over 100 tips and strategies for Teachers K-8.



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