PROJECTS - Websites for Peace & Justice

Has your organization needed a website but didn't know where to turn, or thought it costs too much? Do you have a site but it's not reaching your members as well as it should?

Let Texans for Peace help you.

One of the missions of Texans for Peace is to help build infrastructure - including websites - for peace and justice organizations throughout Texas.

We can assist you will any and ALL aspects of your website, from purchasing a domain and hosting and managing your site, to complete website design.

And, the good news is that since we are also a non-profit, we only charge the basics that are required to purchase a domain or pay for hosting (typically about $100 per year). You can't beat that!

We can also help you design effective e-mail campaigns, storefronts, and more sophisticated web and Internet communications as your organization grows.

Contact us if your organization has decided it needs to get on the web and let us help you all of the way.

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